8 Differences Between Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana

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August 26, 2020 0 Comments

If you are like a lot of Americans, when you hear the word “marijuana,” your mind jumps to the street drug. But, you may have also been hearing the term “medical marijuana” a lot lately.

So, you may be confused about what makes medical marijuana “medicinal” and recreational marijuana a “street drug.” Are the two the same? Let’s take a look.

Marijuana Plant Chemicals

The marijuana plant contains over 100 chemicals (cannabinoids). Each of these chemicals has a different effect on your body.

Medical marijuana contains these two cannabinoids.

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – This psychoactive compound produces the high people associates with street use.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) – This compound has no psychoactive effects.

What Is the Medical Version?

Evidence shows cannabis can help in a variety of chronic medical conditions. However, the FDA does not approve or recognize the plant as a medicine.

So, this is where medical marijuana comes in. Medical marijuana uses the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant, or the chemicals it contains, to alleviate the symptoms of certain conditions or diseases.

So, when you take the medical product, you don’t get the high associated with recreational marijuana because it has a higher CBD content.

What Is the Street Version?

For instance, plant buds make up recreational marijuana. Also, people use it without medical justification. Recreational marijuana usually has more THC than CBD, which provides users with a “high.”

What Are the Differences Between the Two?

There are eight key differences between the two types.

1. Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana typically contains a higher CBD content than recreational weed.

2. Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana usually contains a higher THC content than the medicinal version.

3. Qualifying Condition

You must have a qualifying condition to get a medical marijuana recommendation, which you must renew regularly.

4. Medical Card

States where recreational marijuana is legal, we recommend you have a medical card.

5. Regulated Dispensary

You can only purchase medicinal marijuana from a regulated dispensary.

6. From the Street

You can purchase recreational marijuana from a dispensary in states where legal. Also, you can buy recreational marijuana on the street.

7. 18 or Older

You must be 18 or older to purchase medical products from a dispensary. However, there are certain circumstances where people under 18 can apply.

8. 21 or Older

Lastly, you must be over 21 to purchase recreational marijuana from a dispensary.

Quality Control

Also, medicinal and recreational marijuana differ in how growers perform the following.

  • Grow It
  • Cultivate It
  • Produce It

For example, the medicinal version undergoes a more thorough process before being made available for consumption.

  • Growers tend to grow it in a more controlled environment.
  • Growers check it more thoroughly for pesticides than recreational marijuana.

With this in mind, the medicinal version has the advantage of a cleaner and purer product.

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So, marijuana is a hot topic that stirs up all kinds of controversy. Lastly, all politics aside, many patients find it to be an effective treatment. Above all, if you think it could help you, reach out to us today!


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8 Differences Between Medical Marijuana and Recreational Marijuana
You have heard the term "medical marijuana" a lot lately, which has left you confused about what makes medical marijuana "medical" and recreational marijuana a "street drug." Let's take a look.