8 FAQs About Medical Marijuana

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We are proud to offer Medical Marijuana in Sarasota and want to clear up a few things for our patients and prospective patients about this rather amazing little plant.

Because street use is illegal, there are many misconceptions about cannabis as a medicinal. So let’s clear up misconceptions and get to the facts.

1. What Is It?

Healthcare providers use marijuana (Cannabis sativa or Cannabis Indica) medically to treat or relieve diseases and conditions symptoms. When healthcare providers use it in this fashion, they call it medical marijuana.

This plant-based medicine has three major active compounds:

What Is the Difference Between Medical and Recreational?

The legal difference is you can only purchase medical marijuana through a dispensary. Also, you must have a recommendation or prescription to purchase it.

Medical and recreational marijuana also differ because the medical product doesn’t produce the high that recreational marijuana does.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a common cannabinoid found in medical marijuana. And CBD has no psychoactive effects.

If CBD Doesn’t Get You High, What Does?

So, the other common cannabinoid in marijuana is THC. THC is a psychoactive compound that produces the high typically associated with recreational marijuana use.

What Is Recreational Marijuana?

The marijuana plant contains over 100 chemicals (Cannabinoids). And each cannabinoid has an impact on the body.

Recreational marijuana usually has more THC than CBD. So, the high THC content is what gets users “high.”

Generally speaking, people who use marijuana for recreational purposes only use the plant’s buds. Also, they have no medical justification for using it.

Are Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana Grown In the Same Place?

Generally, no. There is a difference in how medicinal and recreational product is:

  • Grown
  • Cultivated
  • Produced

Medicinal marijuana undergoes more thorough processing before being distributed for consumption. Also, it’s grown in more controlled environments, and growers check it for pesticides more thoroughly.

Because of this, the medicinal product tends to be cleaner and purer than recreational marijuana.

2. What Do Providers Use It For?

Healthcare providers commonly use it to treat health issues related to:

Healthcare providers also prescribe it to people with:

3. What Are the Side Effects?

Research shows the side effects of medical marijuana use are minimal when it is taken in low doses. These effects include:

When used in higher doses, side effects may include:

Parents have raised concerns about the use of cannabis in adolescents because their brains and neurological systems are still developing. Thereby increasing the:

4. Is It Legal?

It depends on the state. Because the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) classifies it as a Schedule I substance, it is illegal at the Federal level. Still, a majority of states have fully legalized or medically legalized it.

Laws are consistently changing around the legalization of medical marijuana. Each state has its own restrictions. In most states where medicinal marijuana is legal, the state issues a card or license to those who have:

  • An authorization
  • Prescription
  • Medical recommendation

So, what is the difference between the terms “Fully Legalized” and “Medically Legalized?”

In states where marijuana is fully legalized, it can be used for both personal and medical reasons. However, it can only be legally obtained and used for medicinal reasons in states where it is medically legalized.

5. Will You Report Me?

No. The belief that doctors can report cannabis use to law enforcement is a myth for the most part. If the state law says it is fully legalized and decriminalized, there is nothing for us to report.

Suppose you live in a state like Florida, where you can use cannabis for medical purposes when prescribed by a doctor for a qualifying condition. In that case, your doctor has no reason to report you, especially if they were the one who prescribed its use.

Even if you are taking marijuana illicitly, a doctor cannot disclose illicit drug use unless they are subpoenaed to do so. Even then, access to health information is very protected in the United States.

6. Where Do You Get It?

So, if you live in a state where it is legal, you can find stores, often called dispensaries, that sell marijuana products in various forms.

And these forms include:

  • Edibles (candies or cookies)
  • Oils
  • Extracts
  • The plant (which one can smoke or inhale)

7. Is Medical Marijuana Regulated?

No. Furthermore, the FDA does not regulate medical marijuana. Instead, states monitor and govern marijuana sales. However, they often don’t have the resources to do a thorough job. Therefore, the strength of ingredients in medical marijuana may differ.

8. Is It Addictive?

Research is split on this issue. Some research suggests when taken in low therapeutic doses, the risk of becoming addicted is very low. However, some have raised concerns about psychological dependence in heavy users and whether this constitutes marijuana abuse.

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