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Medicare Annual Welness

Dont forget to schedule your yearly welness visit fully covered by Medicare! You Pay nothing!

If you have been in the Medicare Part B program for more than 12 months you can recieve one welness visit every 12 months. Durring this visit you will be asked to fill out a health risk assesment packet. The answers to these question plus the finding in your visits will allow us to prepare a personalized prevention plan for you. We try our best to help you stay healthy or to help get you back into good health. We will also: 1. Go over you and your families medical history. 2. Take your height, wieight, blood pressure, and any other rorutine measurements that might be needed. 3. Take down a list of all your current medications, prescription and over the counter. 4. Test for any cognitive impairments. 5. Give you personilzed health advice. 6. We will point out risk factors and treatment options. 1(941)-926-3100